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For the second part of Kim & Brian’s Destination Engagement shoot, we spent some time at her family’s property in the woods and in the apple orchard. This area was so beautiful & I loved shooting in the orchard. Kim & Brian did some apple-picking & had a picnic on a blanket in the middle of the orchard. We ended the session at the abandoned orchard nearby which had beautiful fields and some abandoned structures.

Congrats to Kim & Brian on their engagement! These two were so photogenic for their session and I can’t wait to photograph them on their wedding next year!

Save-The-Date Wooden Signs provided by: My Primitive Boutique on Etsy


WOW! Is all I can say about this engagement session. It was the engagement sessions of all engagement sessions! A little back-story. So, I was up in Milwaukee in June to second shoot a wedding with the fabulous Molly of Mthreestudio. We were strolling around and I asked her, “What is your dream/favorite location to shoot in Wisconsin?”. She answered, hands down, “Door County”. A beautiful area between Lake Michigan & Green Bay with farms & apple orchards – OMG. Sounds dreamy! Just say farms and I’m there! Literally, within 5 minutes of this discussion, I was waiting for Molly to make her purchase and while I waited, I checked my email and there was an email from one of my clients about doing a “destination” engagement session. Wow, destination – awesome! Since my second love is traveling, I was really excited! Furiously scrolling down the email, all I could think was “destination, destination, destination”! But, as I got further down, I saw this, “…and we want to do the engagement session at a special place to me and my family…Door County.” ARE YOU KIDDING?! Literally 5 minutes after talking about Door County, I have a pending engagement session scheduled there! Wow!

So, needless to say, I was really excited about the session & the trip up to Door County. The best part was, the session was going to take place during the fall festival when all the apples are harvested and the trees are at peak fall color. There were so many great locations to choose from, so we ended up shooting for two days at several locations. The first location was a rock beach close to the bride’s grandparent’s house. She said that their family & the kids always came down to this beach to swim during the summer and play on the rocks. They would also go “rock-picking” and bring rocks back to the house and paint them on every trip up to Door County. So, we went to the rock beach for Part I of their session and Kim & Brian painted rocks with their wedding date – so cute!

Stay tuned for Part II of Kim & Brian’s Destination Engagement Session coming up next! You will not want to miss it!


Chelsea & Reese’s Mexico Destination Wedding was featured on the Style Unveiled Blog recently. Thanks so much to the ladies over at Style Unveiled for creating such a fabulous post. I know I’ve said it before, but I love their layouts & how they present each wedding. It’s like a mini-magazine article featuring lots of images & behind-the-scenes stories about their relationship & their wedding.

Check out Style Unveiled’s website for tons of inspiration from all over the country plus features on fashion, events, real weddings & vendor guides for cities across the U.S. And, don’t forget to check out the feature HERE on Chelsea & Reese’s Mexico Destination Wedding!

Here’s one of my favorites from their wedding.


As I believe I’ve mentioned before…I’m obsessed with Italy. I know, you’re probably sick of me talking about Italy, posting photos of Italy and talking about The Italy Girls. But I just can’t help it! It is my favorite place in the world and, after The Italy Workshop last year with Jose Villa, Italy holds an even more special place in my heart than it did before. Most of that is due to the wondeful people I met there and the friendships and business relationships that it created. One of the amazingly talented photographers that I met there, Molly, recently started a new business venture – Blank My Walls with her husband Ken. Molly & Ken have been dreaming up this idea for ages and it has finally come to fruition.

Molly is a true visual artist and has a great eye for art. Blank My Walls is a great vehicle for getting real art by talented artists out into the world. They have selected 20 images, “The Original 20” to launch the release of Blank My Walls. I am so excited that two of my Italy prints were chosen to be in the original 20! So, as a fabulous continuation of Italy Week, and a way for YOU to have one of my Italy prints…I give you BLANK MY WALLS! Click on the image below to go to their site, explore their editions & see my two featured images!

Here are the two limited-edition prints available exclusively on Blank My Walls!

The great thing about Blank My Walls is that the prints are limited-editions, so they only sell a certain amount and that is it – everyone in the world is not going to have the same, mass-produced print as everyone else. Also, every Tuesday & Thursday, Blank My Walls will release a new print – so new images are coming out all the time. Stop by their site and check out the beautiful photographs available.