Monthly Archives: December 2010

This shoot was produced together with The Italy Girls, whom I met at Jose Villa’s Italy Workshop last year. This was our second reunion get-together in Chicago (we had one last year too) and we decided to do a little shoot. Molly, Laura & I planned the shoot and were hoping for snow – that was our vision. It was a slim chance, but the day of the shoot we had almost 5 inches of snow! Snow was necessary & we got so lucky. It was truly a winter wonderland.

It has been really fun to see how everyone’s work has progressed since we met. On our very first shoot together at the workshop, I think we were all shooting with digital cameras. Now, as you can see below…we all have film cameras. (Look at us with all our Contax’s – haha) This shoot was done entirely on film – Fuji 400H & Ilford XP-2 B/W. I absolutely love the look of film – the color – the contrast – Yum! It is gorgeous. I will definitely be shooting more film in 2011. Thanks again to The Italy Girls – Molly, Laura, Jen, Katie & Yazy! So fun to see you girls again – miss ya! Can’t wait for next year!


Wedding Dress – Jcrew
Bride’s Shawl – H&M
Bride’s Cashmere Gloves – Macys
Bride’s Jewelry – Jcrew
Groom’s Jacket – Michael Kors
Groom’s Sweatervest – Dillards
Groom’s Gloves – H&M
Bouquet – Asrai Garden

And, last but not least:
The Snow – Courtesy of Mother Nature