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We had a handful of Italy Girls participate in the shoot. From L-R: Melissa, Molly, Alicia, Yazy, Diana Please visit everyone’s blog for more images from everyone!

The ladies of One Fine Day Productions – Amy, Sarah & Jennifer – put together a beautiful behind-the-scenes film of our shoot. Check it out below!


Photography: The Italy Girls

Jewelery : Forever 21
Belt: Betsey Johnson, floral component

Back in February, I put together a photoshoot while I was out in Las Vegas for WPPI. A few Italy Girls got together and did a photoshoot out at a beautiful ranch on the outskirts of town. It was a beautiful location and we were really inspired by the natural surroundings of the mountains, the fields filled with horses on the ranch and all of the desert landscape. We wanted to put together a shoot reminiscent of a backyard ranch wedding that included elements of nature and the desert landscape.

The first part of our shoot included a table setup on the ranch. We built our tablescape design around the centerpiece – a grouping of old, apothecary jars & prescription bottles. We also incorporated leather placemats & leather cord wrappings for the silverware, soap favors & custom bottle wrappers that doubled as placecards. My favorite part of the tablescape were the rusty old, oversized jacks that were set at each placesetting.


Photography: The Italy Girls

Jewelery : Forever 21
Belt: Betsey Johnson, floral component

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new website, branding & blog design! I’ve been working on this for months and I’m so glad to finally share it with everyone. It was a long process that not only included a full website redesign and blog update, but rebranding as well. Here’s a little insight into the process and what to expect from the new site – enjoy!

Let’s start at the beginning. When I first decided that it was time for a website update, I thought long and hard about who I was and what I wanted my site to be. The bad part was, my current branding didn’t really match who I was and the clients I wanted to attract. So, I enlisted the expertise of Emily Ley with Emily Ley Creative. Emily created a new brand & logo for my company and did a fabulous job matching the graphic look to who I am and the style of my photographs. We went through many design iterations before finally settling on this beauty of a logo:

Emily also worked on updating my colors and creating a new pattern for my blog background. One of my favorite elements is the nature-themed graphic element in my logo. She designed it so it could be broken into little bits & pieces of the bigger logo. For example, a part of the stem & leaf is broken off and used as the little graphic next to each of my blogpost titles (see above). I not only love Emily’s graphic elements, but the words she used to describe my brand, so beautiful:

“Melissa Schollaert Photography is fresh, clean and breathable. Like her images, Melissa is full of light and embodies the natural style upon which MSP is based.”Emily Ley Creative

Now, for the website! I wanted something very simple & clean that really showed off my images – nothing fussy. Just like my old website, I created this website myself using ShowitSites. I am truly a fan of Showit and the ability to create a great looking site myself. I also love that I can update it at a moment’s notice anytime I want. It was fairly simple to create a template – it was deciding which images to include that was the hard part!

In addition to the redesign, there are many new features. Here’s a peek into a few:

1. LOTS OF IMAGE GALLERIES – I’ve included many more wedding galleries including Featured Weddings & Destination Weddings.

2. DESTINATION GALLERIES – Since destination weddings are such a huge part of my business, I decided to dedicate a large portion of the galleries to destination weddings. You’ll also find something BRAND NEW from MSP under this menu as well – Destination Engagements! I’m so excited to start offering these destination engagement sessions to my clients. So many clients may be getting married in their hometown, but also have a special place afar that they want to incorporate into their wedding & engagement. I’ve had many clients request destination engagement sessions, so I’m really excited to officially start offering them to everyone!

3. INFORMATION – I’ve incorporated much more information into the site under the Information menu of the site. There is everything from Pricing info, what to expect from your Wedding Experience or Portrait Experience, Destination Wedding information, links to purchase my Fine Art Prints and much more. There is also a special About section that includes my bio & more information about my style.

4. STYLED SHOOTS – I’ve done so many styled shoots in the last year that I thought I’d show some of these great shoots to inspire my clients and potential clients. They are a great source of inspiration and range in feel from the beaches of California, to the snowy lakefront of Chicago to the warm marshes of Charleston, South Carolina. {To any vendors out there, MSP is also available to photograph your inspiration shoot – please inquire for more information!}

5. NEW OFFERINGS – MSP is also pleased to offer new services to my clients! I’ve already mentioned the Destination Engagement sessions & Styled Shoots – I’m also offering a new shoot called the “Love Shoot”. This session is for anyone, whether you’ve been married for 5 days, 5 years or 50 years, it is a great way to commemorate anniversaries and other special occasions. The clients shown in the Love Shoots gallery decided that on their 1 year anniversary, they would have a picnic celebration & dress up in their wedding attire again to celebrate. I love the idea of this shoot because it can be for anyone, any age, there are no limits. You can wear your wedding dress, your everyday clothes, or even go swimming in your two-piece with your love. It is completely up to you to have fun and be creative with it.

With the rebranding & new design came a little update to the blog – check it out!

Again, I’m so happy to launch this site and I hope you enjoy peeking around and having a look – don’t forget to GO SEE THE NEW WEBSITE HERE!!!