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For almost a decade, I have been photographing weddings. Sometimes I can’t believe that I even do this, how did I get myself into weddings & photography? How did I get so lucky to have clients who trust me to capture one of the most special days of their lives? I love my job more and more everyday and as each year goes by, things get better and better.

The last year has seen the biggest growth with lots of great weddings, traveling & being published in many wedding industry publications. Also, (and I never actually announced this), I finally left my full-time job as an Interior Designer to focus 100% on my photography business. It’s been a dream come true to do what I love full-time. 2011 is proving to be another great year as well with many beautiful weddings and clients. As most of you know, much of my work is destination based weddings & engagement shoots. I absolutely love to travel and love shooting couples at the places that are so special to them. It really gets my artistic juices flowing and pushes me as an artist to create new and artistic photographs for my clients. This year is filled to the brim with destination weddings, so much so that right now, I only have two weddings that are actually IN Atlanta for the remainder of the year! I’m so excited to travel and get to shoot in some new places & locations!

So, in order to even further expand my destination reach, I am happy to announce that I am opening an office on the west coast in Phoenix, Arizona!!! I will still have an office in Atlanta and will continue to service clients in Atlanta, the Southeast and the entire East Coast just as I am doing now, but will have a second office in Phoenix to serve the Southwest and the entire West Coast! This move allows me to be able to be closer to more clients, meet with them and allows me additional flight capabilities and easy access to many locations on the West Coast including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico & Hawaii.

The Phoenix office officially opens on June 1, 2011 and I will be spending most of the summer in Phoenix as well as traveling to all of my destination weddings on the East Coast. After that, I will be back and forth as needed in each location. I will also be available via phone, email & video chat to meet with clients in any location who may be planning their destination wedding from a distance.

So, if you are in Phoenix and would like to meetup, please email me at to setup a meeting! I’d love to meet any newly engaged couples, wedding vendors & photographers so please don’t be shy!

More coming soon on the new office & some fun things to celebrate my new location! For now, enjoy a few images from my recent, secret trip out to Phoenix!

I absolutely LOVE the desert landscape and I can’t wait to start shooting there! The colors and textures are just dreamy. I’ve done several shoots out there and have loved all the beautiful, natural backdrops that I’ve been able to photograph in.

Are you located in Phoenix or the Southwest and are interested in my photography services or just want to say hello?

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Thanks to all of my current clients, colleagues, wedding industry professionals & publications for supporting me and my work. I wouldn’t be here without all of you!

Cheers to new adventures!!!