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Destination-Wedding-Wanderlust?  If you’re thinking of planning a destination wedding, the Amalfi Coast of Italy is surely a paradise for the eyes, heart and soul.  A perfect location to be swept away with your love and celebrate the beginning of your life together.

Positano Wedding Photographer | Italy Wedding Photographer | Italy Wedding |

Making the most of your photos in Positano:

~Schedule your portraits for the hour before sunset at the beach and on the dock.  The light is magical during this time, and not only can you watch the sunset from here but you can also enjoy a gelato with your love.

~If you don’t have time during your wedding day for extended portraits, be sure to schedule a Day-After Session with your photographer.  You’ll have more time to explore and take amazing photos from different vantage points around the city, and you won’t be worried about getting your dress dirty.  Postiano can be difficult to traverse with the steep cliffs and miles of stairs at every turn.  Hire a private car and have them drive you around.

Positano Wedding Photographer | Italy Wedding Photographer | Italy Wedding |

~Speaking of climbing up hills, go up into the less-crowded areas of town on the higher hills.  The main town is centered around the beach and more crowded.  You can escape the crowds if you ascend the hills and explore…the views are the best here too!

~Want to create your own, private vantage point?  Rent a boat and sail out into the sea for a spectacular view of the entire town.  You can’t get a better backdrop for your photos than this.  Plus, you can end your session sipping prosecco and nibbling on fruit from the sea!MelissaSchollaertPhotography-PositanoWeddingPhotographer-Italy-03~Last, don’t forget to hire me to photograph your wedding!  Contact me to learn about my Destination Wedding Specials!


I specialize in destination weddings and portrait shoots and am available to travel to all corners of the US as well as International Destinations.  Contact me today to learn about my special Destination Wedding packages and book your wedding!


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So many beautiful summer weddings this year and I’m loving it!  This elegant affair at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina did not disappoint!  Amanda & Travis celebrated with their friends and family all weekend for this destination wedding and enjoyed every moment.  Many thanks to We Tie The Knots for planning their big day, florals by Chelsea Floral Design, music from Atlanta Showstoppers, cake by Creative Pastries by Sid, stationery & signage by Hi Note and welcome bags & favors by A Signature Welcome!

Old Edwards Inn Wedding | North Carolina Wedding Photographer | Melissa Schollaert Photography | www.msp-photography.comMelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-02MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-03MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-04MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-05MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-06MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-07MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-08MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-09MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-10MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-11MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-12MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-13MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-14MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-15


MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-17MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-18MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-19MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-20MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-21MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-22MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-23MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-24MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-25MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-26MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-27MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-28MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-29MelissaSchollaertPhotography-AmandaTravisSneakPeek-30Congratulations to Amanda & Travis!!!


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One of my favorite times of a wedding day is capturing the bride getting ready and dressed for the ceremony.  There’s always an excitement in the room and anticipation of the bride seeing her groom at the end of the aisle.  I love capturing candid moments during this time, and my preferred method of creating these images is on black and white film.  The film alone creates such a timeless look, but using the black & white film for candid moments such as these evokes such a classic look.

Estate at Piedmont Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photography | Black & White Film | www.msp-photography.comMelissaSchollaertPhotography-GettingReady-02

Having a gorgeous room to get ready in also doesn’t hurt – such as this space at The Estate at Piedmont.


A few tips that you can follow in order to help create these classic images:

  1.  Have your Mom, Maid of Honor or whomever will be helping you get dressed, be dressed and ready themselves before you get into your gown.  These wouldn’t have the same effect if Mom was still in her pajamas with her hair not done yet.
  2. Make sure your space is clean and clear of clutter, bags, food, drink, makeup and any other distractions.
  3. A beautiful room always helps, but it’s better to have a space with lots of natural light!  Here, there was a total of four windows, two behind the bride and one on each side creating perfect lighting.
  4. Set aside enough time for creating these kinds of candid moments.  I always make sure to schedule at least 30 minutes to cover the bride getting dressed, plus another 30 minutes to an hour beforehand to capture detail photos of the dress, shoes, as well as time for hair/makeup and other candid moments.


And of course the final touches right before the ceremony.

MelissaSchollaertPhotography-GettingReady-07If these are the kind of photos you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding day, contact me today to find out more about my packages and pricing.  Can’t wait to capture your candid moments on your big day!


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One thing I love about destination weddings is that clients create an entire weekend for their closest family & friends to enjoy together.  They’ve often chosen a particular destination because it is special to their hearts and they want to show it off and make a little vacation out of it.

There are so many ways to treat your guests to a memorable experience at a destination, and I’ll be sharing some ideas here on the blog.  One great way to kick off your destination wedding weekend is with a Welcome Party!  At this particular event, guests were welcomed to the beautiful Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, Florida for a creative game of mini golf and cocktails.  Friends of the bride & groom fashioned a mini golf course out of natural materials found on the island including palm fronds, coconuts and other greenery.

Gasparilla Island Wedding Photographer | Gasparilla Inn Wedding | Florida Wedding Photographer | www.msp-photography.comA lounge area was created for guests to relax and enjoy the warm, autumn evening with cocktails and appetizers.

MelissaSchollaertPhotography-GasparillaIslandWedding-2The creative mini golf course that was created by friends, including scorecards and prizes for the winner.

MelissaSchollaertPhotography-GasparillaIslandWedding-3MelissaSchollaertPhotography-GasparillaIslandWedding-4And the evening ended with a beautiful sunset behind the palms.  What a great way to welcome your guests and kick off your wedding weekend!

I encourage my destination clients to include coverage for their rehearsal dinner, welcome parties or other weekend events.  It’s fun to capture more candid and fun moments so that you’ll remember your entire weekend and not just the wedding day.  I offer special destination packages and pricing for weekend events so contact me today for information and pricing for your destination wedding!