{Wedding}: Natalia & Levi – Tucker Plantation Wedding Part II

I absolutely loved Natalia & Levi’s ceremony out in the fields at the plantation. Guests entered through a path of wooden fences and were greeted with a beautiful, oversize chalkboard which acted as their wedding program. It was beautifully written & drawn to reflect the overall design of all of the other wedding elements. The display also featured an old steamer trunk of her grandparents with a family quilt that acted as their gift table. Smaller chalkboard signs pointed guests to the field where the couple said their vows amongst the tall grass.

The bride & groom stood in front of an antique fireplace mantel that eventually became a part of their new home. It was decorated with a beautiful wreath, flowers and an antique water pitcher. An antique rug was placed where the bride & groom stood and said their vows.

Another one of my favorite details was this little kids area on the sides of the ceremony. Quilts were topped with bins of old toys as well as little treat bags for the kiddies. It was so cute and the kids just loved it!

At the end of the ceremony, the bride had a big surprise for her mother – a choir performing her favorite song! She was so surprised as the choir (who was seated amongst the guests) all stood up and started singing.

The cocktail hour was held in a small courtyard between two of the old barns. An old, antique stand-up bar provided guests with Natalia & Levi’s signature drinks, the “Dixieland Delight” and the “Steel Magnolia”. The guests mingled amongst high tables, benches and chairs while some played yard-games such as cornhole. One special detail was the jars of deep-fried, black-eyed peas, a southern specialty!







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