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{Love Shoot}: Diana & James in Roma, Italia

It’s funny how some stories come full circle.  Such was the case with this shoot with Diana & James.  This shoot happened in the same place where I met the lovely Diana, Italy!  I met her almost five years ago (whoa!) at a photography workshop in Tuscany with Jose Villa that you can read all about HERE.  Many of the attendees became great friends and kept in touch through the years.  Last year, Diana got married and I found out she was going to be in Rome for part of her honeymoon at the EXACT time that I was going to be there!  Only one day lined up that we would be there at the same time, so we decided to meet up for a little ‘honeymoon shoot’ to capture their time in beautiful Roma, the eternal city.

We started by roaming the streets near their hotel and found several cute spots complete with a vintage, red Fiat and Vespa.  Then, meandered throughout the area to the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna), and up to the Borghese Gardens.  Spring was in full bloom in Rome and the gardens were exploding with these beautiful purple blooms.  One of our favorite spots was a little portico that we believed to be private, but snuck into anyways – it had this beautiful arched ceiling, all white and an old, marble tub.  Rome is the perfect city to be in love, and it shows in Diana & James’ photos.

MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-01 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-02 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-03 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-04 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-05 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-06 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-07 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-08 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-09 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-10 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-11 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-12 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-13 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-14 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-15 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-16 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-17 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-18 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-19 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-20 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-21 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-22 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-23 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-24 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-25 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-26 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-27 MelissaSchollaert_DianaJamesLoveShoot-28


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