Governor’s Ball 2015

Last month, I was honored to capture an amazing event that was a bit different than my usual jobs.  Usually for us wedding & event professionals, we are busy making memorable events for our clients.  This time, the tables were turned, and this event was especially for wedding & event professionals!  The sweet girls at It Takes Two Events and Chancey Charm dreamed up a plan to treat everyone to a party where we could, for once, let our hair down, have a great time, eat, dance and be ‘guests’…something that we are not used to.

All of the vendors (listed below) did a fabulous job of putting on not only a fun, but beautiful event!  So much talent was showcased, and everyone had a really great time.  Even though I was working photographing the event, I did manage to sneak in a few minutes to chat with colleagues…though, like at most weddings…I didn’t get to sit down and eat.  Occupational hazard I guess.  But it was so wonderful to see so many people that I work with and even meet a few new smiling faces.

Many thanks to Paul and his team at The Engine Room, we can’t wait for The Governor’s Ball 2016!!!

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To view all the photos from the event, please click HERE.  Password: “engineroom”









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