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Seasonal Branding Packages

Seasonal Branding Packages | Brand Photography | Melissa Schollaert Photography |

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you may have noticed over the last year or so that I’ve been shooting some branding photography in addition to weddings. This tiny step seems like a natural progression for me, as I’ve always loved doing more commercial and editorial type shoots alongside my weddings. It all started with this little shoot for Tailor & Table, a small floral company who wanted to streamline their imagery for their new website and have images to use on their social media that matched their brand.

In the last year I’ve mainly been shooting these branding photography sessions for other creatives in the wedding industry as well as artists and bloggers. You may have seen this little page on my website dedicated to Brand Photography, and there’s a small gallery of images that shows some of the work I’ve done. I’m getting ready to revamp that one page into a more detailed part of my site with full galleries from shoots as well as more information on these sessions and how they can enhance your brand.

These sessions are perfect for small, boutique businesses that want to make their marketing images look cohesive, show who they are, their process, how they create as well as the products that they offer. In order to sell your product or services you need to show your audience who you are and why you are special. Imagery can do that for you and attract the right clients to do business with you. When you show more of who you are and why you do what you do the right people will come along.

Here’s one shoot that I did for Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina. Old Edwards is a historic inn and resort nestled in the charming mountain town of Highlands. I have worked at their property over the years photographing weddings and events and it is a very special place. They had recently purchased some new properties and asked me to come do a shoot to capture them as well as photograph some of their food and beverage.

Seasonal Branding Packages | Brand Photography | Melissa Schollaert Photography |
We worked with the beverage director at Old Edwards Inn, Michael Searles, who created several amazing cocktails to photograph.  These types of images are great for somewhere like a cocktail bar whose menu changes seasonally.  Images from the session showed the beverages as well as some ingredients used, all shot on-location in an environment that exuded mountain the mountain charm that Old Edwards Inn is known for.
Seasonal Branding Packages | Brand Photography | Melissa Schollaert Photography |
Seasonal Branding Packages | Brand Photography | Melissa Schollaert Photography |
Seasonal Branding Packages | Brand Photography | Melissa Schollaert Photography |
I am now officially expanding my Branding Photography to extend into the hospitality and travel industry!  With my extensive background in photography, weddings and events, as well as my previous experience as an interior architect, I bring together all of my visual skills to create imagery that captures you and your brand.  In addition to creatives, artists and bloggers, I will be shooting for boutique hotels, unique cocktail bars, retail establishments and other restaurants.
Seasonal Branding Packages | Brand Photography | Melissa Schollaert Photography |

These images will capture your space, cocktails, seasonal menus, products and you and your team with photography that you can use on your social media, website and blog. Clients like this need an amazing group of photographs that they can continuously use in their marketing efforts and on social media. I’m excited to offer seasonal and monthly Brand Photography to you and your business. These sessions will keep you and your business at the forefront and communicate your new and seasonal offerings to potential clients.

Look for more of these shoots soon, including an exciting one from one of my favorite bloggers! Contact me today to learn more about how to enhance your brand with photography and to book your session. Click HERE to contact me, I’m looking forward to chatting about your business and what I can create for you!


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