Melissa’s Interview with Carla Coulson

It all started with my Italy obsession… Everyone is aware of my love for bella Italia and how much I love being in Italy. After my first trip there I was hooked, I fantasized about going back, learned how to cook authentic Italian food, and even learned Italian. I read stories about Italy, watched Italian cooking shows, you name it – everything was Italy.

Then, I don’t recall when or how but I stumbled upon a little book called “Italian Joy” by Carla Coulson. Carla’s inspirational story (that truly rivals Eat, Pray, Love) of moving to Florence along with her detailed account of why Italy was so joyful completely resonated with me. She was also a photographer and captured all of the beautiful images of life in Italy for her book. She became not only an inspiration for my photography, but also for my dreams of Italy.

I followed her throughout the years and receive her email newsletters to keep up with her work and adventures. Right around the time when I was looking for a workshop & coaching last winter, I received an email from her that was announcing her new coaching program. Not only that, but she was doing 1 day intensive workshops 1 on 1 in Venice, Italy! Well, you know what they say about signs…so I emailed her right away and booked a session with her in Italy (of course).

I’ve continued with her business coaching since and it’s been so amazing to work with her. I’m so happy with the direction that my business is going and all the improvements that Carla has helped me with since the beginning of the year. To top things off, Carla interviewed me for her blog which you can read HERE.

Melissa's Interview with Carla Coulson | | Melissa Schollaert
Melissa's Interview with Carla Coulson | | Melissa Schollaert
A huge GRAZIE to Carla for this interview and also for being such an inspiration to so many.  A presto!
Ciao! | Melissa Schollaert






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