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Invigorating your Brand with fresh imagery

Oftentimes, we get stuck.  Our small businesses become so busy that we go into hyper mode and focus on putting out fires and simply producing the work that we’ve promised to clients.  It doesn’t leave much room for taking a step back and evaluating where you are, what your goals are and for making changes to your brand to reflect how you have evolved.

Planning for the future, marketing and refreshing your website are put on the back burner for more pressing tasks and you’re left with an outdated website and old photos that don’t show your current work or aesthetic.

Typically my Brand Photography clients approach me once they’ve realized that they need to re-invigorate their brand.  They may be doing a full re-brand of their business or are developing a new website or new products they will be launching.  They have evolved and are growing, so their website, blog, marketing materials and social media need to reflect the new “them”.

Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography |

In my Brand Photography Sessions, I encourage my clients to not only show what they create but also who they are.  This means lifestyle headshots of them in their environment, showing their personalities as well as all of the unique qualities that embody how they serve their clients.  Being able to show your potential clients your skills and how you work behind the scenes will show your passion, dedication and experience.

Immersing potential clients into your world makes them feel like they already know you and they will be able to envision working together on their project.

Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography |

In this session with Amanda Jewel Floral + Design, we focused on capturing the people behind the business, their floral designs as well as behind the scenes of their studio and their process for designing and creating beautiful events for their clients.

For the portraits, we created unique photographs of each individual as well as the team together.  This small business is owned by husband and wife team Amanda & Michael so we also focused on them together, the business they have built as well as the unique rolls each of them play.  In addition to portraits we showed behind the scenes of their studio, how they work and create as well as their passion for foraging and utilizing unique natural elements in their designs.

Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography | Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography | Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography | Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography | Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography | Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography | Florist | Floral Artist | Brand Photography |

These images have been used on their website, ads, marketing materials as well as their social media to help introduce themselves to potential clients all before the client contacts them.  This allows the client to envision themselves working with Amanda and her team before they even make a first contact.  The clients have already made a connection with your business and can see themselves working with you through these images.  You have brought them into your world and they like what they see.  These are your ideal clients!

Wouldn’t you like to connect with your clients and immerse them into your world?  Don’t you want to attract these ideal clients that believe in your work and value what you produce for them?  It all begins with a personal connection and visual images that tell your story.

Allow me to tell your story for you.  Contact me today for a complimentary consultation to learn how Brand Photography can benefit your business.  I can’t wait to brainstorm with you and create a cohesive collection of images that will attract your ideal client.

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